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Additional troubleshooting tips for landing page not working
Additional troubleshooting tips for landing page not working

Additional tips to implement when your URL parameters are not passing through your landing page correctly.

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Below are a few tips and additional options to try when your landing page is not passing the URL parameters through to the ClickBank order form page correctly.

What you should've already done:

Double check that you've added the Cometly script to your landing page just above the </body> tag on your landing page.

<script src=""></script>

After you've double checked that the code is on your landing page, below are additional tips you may try to troubleshoot why the URL parameters are not passing through:

1) Make sure your clickbank 'Hop Link' on your landing page is encrypted.

Here's a video on how you should generate the encrypted Hop Link directly from ClickBank:

2) Make sure there is no automatic redirection to your Hop Link and that there are no "animations" on the landing page button you put your 'Hop Link' on.

Sometimes if the button on your landing page contains different types of animations, the tracking will not pass through correctly.

3) Instead of using '?cometly=' on your landing page link, try using 'utm_campaign=' or 'tid='

So our landing page link for our ad would be:{{}}

4) Try another landing page

Sometimes users have reported issues with their landing page so they create a brand new landing page and the URL parameters begin to pass through correctly.

5) Try a new ClickBank offer

Some vendors on ClickBank setup Hop Links that do not carry URL parameters over to the order form page correctly. Unfortunately there is nothing Cometly can do about this. Try putting a different Hop Link on your landing page from another offer and see if the URL parameters pass through with that offer link.

If they do pass through, then you know that original offer you tried to run is having tracking problems and you might not want to run that ClickBank offer.

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