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ClickBank Integration Setup
ClickBank Integration Setup

Learn how to setup the ClickBank integration.

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This article will help you setup the ClickBank integration in your Cometly account. Please follow the instructions in the video below for the quickest setup and make sure you read through the important setup steps and watch all instructional videos to ensure your Cometly account is tracking correctly.

Our ClickBank Integration will track the following metrics:

  • Hops: In ClickBank, a "hop" refers to the action of a potential customer clicking on an affiliate link. Inside Cometly this metric is called a Destination Visit. This link is unique to each affiliate and is used to track the source of traffic to a product's sales page. When a user clicks on this link, a "hop" is recorded, indicating that the affiliate has successfully directed traffic to the vendor's product page.

  • OFI (Order Form Impression): This term refers to the number of times the ClickBank order form has been displayed. This is an important metric for both vendors and affiliates, as it indicates how many potential customers have reached the point of possibly making a purchase. A high number of OFIs suggests effective marketing efforts leading up to the point of sale.

  • Purchase: In the context of ClickBank, a purchase refers to the successful completion of a transaction where a customer buys a product through an affiliate link. Once a purchase is made, the affiliate earns a commission based on the agreed-upon rate in the affiliate program. The purchase is the key event that affiliates aim for, as it directly leads to revenue generation.

  • Upsell: An upsell is a sales technique where the seller encourages the customer to purchase more expensive items, upgrades, or other add-ons in an attempt to make a more profitable sale. On ClickBank, after a customer has committed to buying a product, they might be presented with additional related products or premium versions of the product. These upsells can increase the total value of the purchase, benefiting both the vendor and the affiliate through higher commissions.

Important: Ignore the Getting Started section in Cometly if you want to track ClickBank sales data. ClickBank has a specific setup and uses a specific URL parameter found in this article. Follow this article step-by-step for implementation.

Step 1: Setup ClickBank integration API keys

Login to your main ClickBank account and click Settings > API Management > Create New API Key

Configure your new API key:

  • Name your API key

  • Toggle on 'All Accounts' for all API's and ensure ALL accounts are toggled ON.

  • Click Save

Copy your new API key

Login to your Cometly account

  • Navigate to Space Settings > Integrations

  • Select ClickBank integration

  • Paste your API Key from ClickBank into the Clerk API Key box:

  • For "Developer API Key" box, copy/paste in the below key:

  • Click Connect

🎉 You have successfully setup Cometly to receive the following data from your ClickBank account:

  • Hops (metric is called 'Destination Visits' inside Cometly)

  • Order Form Impressions (metric is called 'OFI' inside Cometly)

  • Purchases (metric is called 'purchases' inside Cometly)

Step 2: Setup ClickBank script to pass URL parameters

In this step you will add code to your landing page so specific dynamic URL parameters from your ads will automatically pass forward to your ClickBank offer page.

The setup below is for ClickFunnels landing pages. The code below will work for any other web builder. If you are using another web builder, ensure the code is placed </body> or in the footer.

Edit your landing page and click Settings > Tracking Code

Click Footer and add the code below:

<script src=""></script>

In the top right of the page editor, click Save to save your changes

Important: Ensure you are using an encrypted ClickBank hoplink on your buttons or linked images for the Cometly code to successfully pass the URL parameters.

Test your landing page to ensure the Ad ID will pass to ClickBank offer

How to test your landing page to make sure the URL parameters are "passing through" to the ClickBank checkout

This video will walk you through how to test your own landing page to make sure the URL parameters from Facebook are "passing through" your landing page correctly and into ClickBank:

If your URL parameters are not passing through to the ClickBank checkout, please ensure the following:

  1. Your Cometly code is in the footer of your landing page

  2. You have no other custom scripts on your landing page

  3. Depending on your offer you may have to use a different URL parameter, instead of ?utm_campaign= try ?tid=

  4. You have an encrypted hop link on your landing page with no additional parameters added to the hop link. Use the exact encrypted hop link that ClickBank provides.

Step 3: Setup URL parameters on your ads

Setup URL Parameters on your Meta Ads For ClickBank

The following URL parameter is required on every Meta Ad that you want to track with Cometly:


After you have completed adding the parameter to your ads, you can go ahead and publish your ads.

Setup Google Ads parameters for ClickBank

To accurately track ClickBank data with your Google Ads, Cometly needs the following URL parameter code attached to the end of every Website URL in the 'Tracking Template' section of each of your Google ads:


To set these up inside the Google Ads manager, navigate to Settings > Campaign Settings and select the campaigns that you want to track with Cometly.

Then click Edit > Change tracking templates.

Then you should see a box labeled New tracking template and this is where you will need to place the URL parameters listed above.

Once those parameters have been pasted, you can click "Apply" to apply those changes. This will put your ads back into review, but will not affect the delivery of the ad once the ad is approved.

Setup TikTok Ads parameters for ClickBank

Cometly needs the following URL parameter code attached to the end of every Website URL in the 'Website URL' section of each of your TikTok ads:


To set this up inside the TikTok Ads manager, navigate to the ad level and select an ad that you want to track with Cometly. There should be a section titled 'Destination page' with a box for 'Website URL':


If your landing page URL is:

You need to add:


Your final Website URL should look like this:

After you have completed adding the parameter to your ads, you can go ahead and publish your ads.

Step 4: Connect your ad accounts

Connect your ad accounts to Cometly and assign the ad accounts to your space.

Connecting Ad Platforms to Your Account

To setup your ad tracking, connecting your ad platforms to Cometly is a key step. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Navigate to Space Settings: First, access your Cometly dashboard and head to the Space Settings page. Click on the Ad Channels tab and choose the ad platform you want to connect ad accounts for.

  2. Manage Connections: Click on the "Manage Connections" link. This action will direct you to the profile integrations page.

  3. Connect to Ad Channels: On the profile integrations page, you’ll see various ad channels listed. To connect to an ad channel, click the blue "connect" button next to the Ad Channel you wish to link.

  4. Accept on Ad Channel Platform: After clicking "connect," you'll be redirected to the respective ad channel’s platform. Here, simply click "Accept" to authorize the connection.

  5. Return to Cometly: Once you accept, you’ll be redirected back to Cometly, where the ad channel will now be connected to your account.

Connecting Your Ad Accounts to your space

After successfully connecting your ad channels, the next step is to link specific ad accounts to your workspace.

  1. Return to Space Settings: Go back to the Space Settings page on your Cometly dashboard.

  2. Connect Ad Accounts: You'll see a list of ad accounts. Click the green "Connect" button next to the ad account you wish to link to the workspace for a specific business.

  3. Confirmation: Once clicked, the ad account will be connected to your workspace, and you're ready to start managing your ads through Cometly.

Your Cometly space is now fully set up with connected ad platforms and ad accounts.

Step 5: Import active campaigns and turn on tracking

Cometly only tracks data from NEW ad campaigns that you've created AFTER setting up your Cometly account. In order to track old campaigns, you need to toggle tracking on for those campaigns using the Import Campaigns feature in the app.

The Import Campaigns page is a tool that allows Cometly to track existing campaigns that were created before you had Cometly. Cometly cannot track retroactively, so all metrics will be tracked starting at the moment that you turn tracking “ON”.

This action only has to be done when you first connect an ad account to your Cometly space. Every campaign that you launch after you import your active campaigns will automatically track inside Cometly.

Important: After turning tracking on, it can take 30-60 minutes for your data to start appearing inside of Cometly.

Follow the steps below to find out how to turn tracking “ON” for existing campaigns:

Navigate to the Import Campaigns tab in Space Settings

Select the ad account containing the campaigns that you wish to track

Select the campaign status “ALL”

  • If you select “Tracking”, the Import Campaigns page will only populate the campaigns that you have already turned on tracking for

  • If you select “Not Tracking”, the Import Campaigns page will populate all of the campaigns that you have not turned on tracking for

Select the date range

The Import Campaigns page will pull in all of the campaigns in your selected ad account that you launched between your "start date" and your "end date."

  • The start date should be from BEFORE you launched the oldest ad you wish to track (i.e. If your oldest ad was launched 30 days ago, pick a start date of 31 days ago)

  • The end date should be today’s date

Click the “Update” button, and turn tracking “ON” for your campaigns that you wish to track with Cometly

PRO TIP: If you click the top bar where it says “Delivery”, all of your “Active” campaigns will be filtered to the top

If you see red dots next to your campaigns after the first data refresh (wait 60 minutes), you likely have an issue with your URL configuration on your ads.

Check out the following articles that outline how to troubleshoot URL parameter setup errors:

Step 6: Configure Conversion API's To Send Data To Ad Platforms

Setup Facebook Conversion API on ClickBank for Cometly

The below video will walk you step-by-step and show you how to setup the Facebook conversion API inside your ClickBank account.

Setup Google Conversion API on ClickBank for Cometly

The video below explains step-by-step how to set up the Google Conversions API inside of your Clickbank account:

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