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How changes to ads reflect between ad platforms and Cometly
How changes to ads reflect between ad platforms and Cometly

Learn how to synchronize changes between your ad platforms and Cometly, including update frequencies and recommended optimization workflows.

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Changes to ads in the ad platforms

When you update your campaigns, ad sets, ad groups, or individual ads directly on platforms such as Meta, Google, TikTok, LinkedIn, and others, these changes will synchronize with Cometly on the next data refresh.

The updated data appears on Cometly during the next scheduled data refresh, which occurs once per hour. This process ensures that the adjustments you make on the ad platforms are accurately reflected in Cometly, allowing you to maintain a comprehensive view of your advertising efforts across different channels.

Making Changes in Cometly

On the other hand, when you make changes directly in Cometly, such as turning campaigns, ad sets, ad groups, or ads on/off, or adjusting budgets, these changes are pushed to the respective ad platforms immediately. This feature enables you to manage and optimize your advertising campaigns efficiently through Cometly's interface, ensuring that your adjustments take effect in real-time across your chosen platforms.

Recommended Workflow

To maximize the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns and streamline the management process, we recommend the following workflow:

  1. Launch Campaigns Directly on Ad Platforms: Start by setting up and launching your ads on the respective platforms like Meta, Google, TikTok, and LinkedIn. This approach allows you to utilize the unique features and targeting options available on each platform to optimize your ad setup.

  2. Use Cometly for Optimization Decisions: Once your ads are live, leverage Cometly to monitor performance and make optimization decisions. Cometly's interface provides a unified view of your advertising data across platforms, making it easier to identify trends, compare performance, and adjust strategies. You can easily turn campaigns, ad sets, ad groups, or ads on/off, or modify budgets directly within Cometly for immediate effect on the ad platforms.

This workflow ensures that you are using both the ad platforms and Cometly to their fullest potential, allowing for precise control over your advertising campaigns while benefiting from Cometly's powerful analytics and optimization tools.

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