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(Advanced) How to validate automatic form capture using browser inspect
(Advanced) How to validate automatic form capture using browser inspect

How to validate automatic form capture using browser inspect.

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We recommend using the Cometly Pixel Helper to validate the form capture on your web page. This article serves as an advanced alternative will show you how to use browser inspect to validate that the Cometly base code pixel is working properly.

How to Validate Form Capture with Cometly

Ensuring that the Cometly base pixel is capturing data correctly when forms are filled out on your site is crucial. This automatic process updates visitor profiles with key details such as first name, last name (or full name), email, and phone number—given that the visitor has arrived via an ad. To confirm that this is working as intended, follow these clear steps to validate form capture:

Step-by-Step Validation Process

  1. Open Inspect Tool:

    • Right-click anywhere on your webpage and select "Inspect" to open the developer tools.

  2. Navigate to the Network Tab:

    • In the developer tools, click on the "Network" tab to view all network activity on your page.

  3. Filter for Cometly:

    • Within the Network tab, you'll find a filter/search bar. Type "comet" into this bar to filter out Cometly-related network activity.

  4. Reload the Page:

    • With the filter applied, reload your webpage. You should see entries related to the Cometly pixel appear.

  5. Test Form Fields:

    • Begin filling out the form on your page with test data for first name, last name (or full name), email, and phone number.

  6. Observe Network Activity:

    • As you type into each form field, watch the Network tab. It should update with events like first_name_changed, last_name_changed, email_address_changed, and phone_changed.


  • Incorrect Setup Detection:

    • If these events are not appearing as you fill out the form, it may indicate that the form fields are not named or set up correctly. The input fields should be labeled with names like first_name, last_name, phone, and email or similar variations.

  • Dealing with Iframes:

    • If your form is within an iframe, especially from an external source, the pixel might not capture data as usual. For specialized instructions on iframe forms, please refer to this help article.

  • Contacting Support:

    • When the data isn't updating in the Network tab and your form isn't an external iframe, it's time to reach out for help. Contact Cometly support for further assistance.

By following these steps, you can quickly verify whether the Cometly pixel is functioning correctly on your site's forms. Accurate data capture is vital for effective visitor profiling and subsequent marketing efforts.

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