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Facebook reporting more sales than Cometly
Facebook reporting more sales than Cometly

Learn why Facebook may be reporting more sales than Cometly.

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Cometly Accurate Data vs. Facebook Over-Reporting

The below video is an example on a small scale what it looks like when Facebook mis-fires sales and over-reports and how you should handle this situation for optimizing your ads.

Two Reasons Why Facebook Is Over Reporting

1) Facebook Inflating Their Numbers using 'Statistical Modeling'

Facebook is doing everything they can to 'inflate' the numbers inside their ads manager because of frustrated advertisers.

Facebook is inflating their numbers by estimating sales through modeling statistics. You will actually see this inside your ads manager if you hover over "Results" tab in Facebook:

Here is a link to the full article on Facebook's website about how they use statistical modeling.

This statistical modeling makes it nearly impossible to scale your ads and increase your ROAS because you could be turning off winning ads, ands scaling up losing ads!

With Cometly, you can finally trust that you are scaling the right ads again.

2) Facebook "View Through" Attribution

Facebook reports ads based on "view through" attribution, so if someone simply "Views" your ad and doesn't even click on it, then that person organically goes to your website and buys. Facebook wants to attribute that as a sale but in reality it shouldn't be an "AD" sale. View through attribution is not best practice for ad tracking.

Cometly ONLY reports on click-through attribution - we do not report sales when someone just "views" the ad because you should optimize your ads off of the ad that generate the conversion.

Cometly is accurate and shows all ad sales where a user actually clicks and converts.

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