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Data maturing in Cometly
Data maturing in Cometly

Learn about data maturing for the Cometly base code pixel.

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Installation and Initial Data Collection

When you install the Cometly tracking pixel on your website or funnel, it begins to collect data from that moment forward. This means that any visitor who clicks on your ads and then visits your website will be tracked by Cometly. However, it's crucial to note that the tracking pixel cannot retroactively gather data. Therefore, any interactions or clicks that occurred before the installation of the Cometly pixel are not tracked or recorded.

Limitation in Tracking Historical Interactions

If a user clicked on one of your ads before you installed the Cometly pixel and later returns to your store directly (without clicking another ad), Cometly will not track this visit or any subsequent purchases. This limitation is due to the fact that the pixel was not present to record the initial interaction or ad click.


Customer Journey:

Day 1: FB ad click

Day 2: You install Cometly

Day 3: Google ad click

Day 4: Purchase for $2,000

In this example, Cometly would attribute the purchase to Google (Because we don't have any history of a the FB ad click).

What this means is that over time (7-14 days) Cometly's tracking pixel will get smarter and smarter with more data it captures and within a few weeks we will be capturing every single conversion and every customer journey will be spot on!

Data Maturation Period

After installing the Cometly pixel, there is a period known as 'data maturing'. This is the time it takes for the pixel to collect enough data to provide a fully accurate picture of your ad performance. This period typically ranges from 4 to 10 days. During this time, the pixel is gathering data on user interactions, clicks, and purchases, which will be used to inform and optimize your ad campaigns.

Tracking Focus on Paid Ads

Cometly is designed to track and attribute sales that are directly resulting from your paid ad campaigns. This means it will display and account for sales that are a direct result of users clicking on the ads it is tracking. Sales or events that occur outside of these paid ad interactions (for example, organic traffic or direct store visits) are not tracked by Cometly, as its primary function is to optimize the performance of paid advertising.

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