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How to setup Cometly for ClickBank
How to setup Cometly for ClickBank

How to setup your Cometly account. Getting started with Cometly.

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This article will help you setup your Cometly account in under 10 minutes. Please follow the instructions in the video below for the quickest setup and make sure you read through the important setup notes to ensure your Cometly account is tracking correctly.

Cometly only tracks data from NEW ad campaigns that you've created AFTER setting up your Cometly account. In order to track old campaigns, you need to toggle tracking on for those campaigns using the Import Campaigns page.

Account Setup Instructions:

  1. Navigate to 'Space Settings' > 'Integrations'

  2. Connect your Facebook profile.

  3. Connect your ClickBank. (Help getting ClickBank API keys)

  4. Add Cometly code to your landing page (How to add Cometly code to ClickFunnels)

  5. Add your Facebook pixel to Clickbank, and toggle Data Sharing on In Cometly (How to connect to Facebook Conversion API)

  6. Generate URL parameters with your landing page link and use that link for your Facebook ad website URL. (How to use {{}} URL Parameter)

  7. Launch your Facebook ads and watch Cometly track.

Important Setup Notes:

After this setup, all of the ad campaigns you launch from this point forward, will provide you with powerful insights on your ads that you never had before.

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