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🧠 Cometly 101: How it works
🧠 Cometly 101: How it works

In this article we will explain exactly how Cometly works.

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πŸ‘‹ Start Here

Welcome! This article will explain exactly how Cometly works.

To set expectations: this article will explain how Cometly works. It will NOT explain how to setup Cometly. If you're looking for step by step instructions for how to set up Cometly, you can visit our How To Set Up Cometly article.

πŸ“– Introduction & why you're using Cometly

Watchtime: 4 minutes


  • What we're going to cover.

  • Why you're using Cometly.

πŸ€– How our tracking works: Base Code

Watchtime: 4 minutes


  • Overview of the Cometly base code and how it works.

  • Demonstration with visual of how the base code works.

🦾 How our tracking works: Tracking Events

Watchtime: 7 minutes


  • What are events?

  • Why would you want to track an event?

  • How can you set up events? (Browser & Server).

  • Demonstration with visual of how events work.

πŸš€ Feeding the ad platform's AI with accurate data

Watchtime: 3 minutes


  • How does feeding the data work?

  • Why does this matter?

  • Visual explanation of the Cometly data flywheel.

  • Results of feeding data to the ad platforms.

πŸ”¦ Account overview: Spaces and team members

Watchtime: 2 minutes


  • What are 'Spaces?'

  • Adding team members into Cometly.

  • Permissions for team members.

πŸ” Analyzing data inside Cometly

Watchtime: 8 minutes


  • Live walk through of a real Cometly account.

  • Cometly ads manager overview.

  • Customizing your data columns.

πŸ†˜ Getting Help


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