Meta lead form tracking

Learn the steps to automatically track Meta/Facebook lead forms in Cometly.

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Tracking lead forms is crucial for understanding the effectiveness of your advertising efforts on Meta platforms. With Cometly, you can automatically track lead forms back to the specific ad that generated the lead. This process ensures that each lead is shown as a 'Lead event' within Cometly, providing valuable insights into your ad performance.

Important: The Meta profile that was used to connect the ad account in Cometly to your space must have:

1. Full access to manage the page

2. Assigned to the page in the Lead Access section under Data Sources

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Syncing Your Facebook Profile with Cometly

  1. Log in to Cometly: Start by logging into your Cometly account.

  2. Navigate to Profile Integrations: Go to the profile integrations page in the app where you can manage external connections.

  3. Sync with Facebook: Find the option to sync with Facebook and select it. You will be prompted to log in to your Facebook account if you're not already logged in.

Step 2: Selecting Your Business Manager

  1. Choose Business Manager: After syncing your Facebook profile, you'll see a list of available business managers. Select the business manager that oversees the page running your lead forms.

  2. Confirm Your Choice: Verify that you have chosen the correct business manager before proceeding.

Step 3: Choosing the Pages to Track

  1. Select Page(s): Now, choose the page or pages for which you want to track lead forms. Ensure that these are the pages where your lead forms are active.

  2. Finalize Selection: Confirm your selection to ensure Cometly tracks lead forms from these pages.

Connecting New Pages or Resyncing Your Meta Profile

  • If you've already connected your Facebook profile to Cometly but need to add a new page or you're not seeing leads populating in your account, follow these steps:

    1. Access Cometly’s Meta Sync Feature: Go to the same integration settings where you initially synced your Facebook profile.

    2. Resyncing Your Meta Profile: Click on the option to resync your Meta (Facebook) profile. If you want to connect a business manager or page, you need to Edit previous settings

    3. Select Business Manager and Pages Again: Repeat the process of selecting the business manager and the specific pages you want to track lead forms for.

Check Business Manager Settings To Ensure Proper Access

  • You must ensure Cometly has Leads Access to your page and ensure your Meta profile connected has Leads Access as well to your page.

  • Navigate to your Business Settings in your Meta Business Manager, click Integrations > Leads Access

  • Click CRMs, if Cometly isn't listed for your selected page, click Assign CRMs and assign Cometly

  • Next click People, and check if you are listed there. If you do not see yourself there, you need to click Assign people and grant yourself the permission. You must be an admin on the page to do this action.

Form settings

When you are creating your instant form, ensure you are using the standard "Field Names" under the Form Configuration "Settings" area as shown below. By default, Meta will automatically default to the standard field names below:

Field names should be:

Email = email

Full Name = full_name

First Name = first_name

Last Name = last_name

Phone = phone_number

NOTE: If you use custom field names on any pre-existing forms, you will want to change them back to the default field names listed above or else Cometly will not track the data.

By following these steps, you can efficiently track lead forms from Meta, ensuring each lead is accurately attributed to the corresponding ad in Cometly. This setup not only simplifies your lead management process but also provides valuable insights for optimizing your ad campaigns.

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