Every person that logs into Cometly has their own Cometly Profile. In order for that Cometly profile to have access to any Spaces (where you can connect Ad Accounts and Shopify stores), that Cometly profile must be connected to a Cometly "User Account".

Each Cometly User Account represents a subscription to Cometly, and can connect to as many Shopify stores as needed using Spaces, and an unlimited number of ad accounts can be connected to each Space. Cometly Subscription pricing will only be based on how much ad spend is being tracked across all Spaces under 1 User Account. If you reach your monthly ad spend limit, Cometly will stop tracking until you upgrade your account.

Each User Account has an account owner, who has access to everything, including billing info. That account owner can then add team members to the User Account. When adding a team member, the following roles are available:

  • Administrator - an Account Administrator can do everything the User Account Owner can do, except edit billing info. They can add other administrators, and can edit User Account roles for all other team members except the account owner. They can create new Spaces. They can also edit Space roles for all User Account team members. We typically only recommend granting Administrator access if the team member needs to be able to carry out all of these tasks.

  • Member - an Account Member cannot see any other User Account team members. They can only see Spaces that they have been granted access to. The level of access they have to the Space will be determined by their Space Roles.

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