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Learn about Teams & Spaces

Learn how Teams & Spaces work in your Cometly account.

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The Cometly account structure is based around Teams and Spaces, with Teams being the primary account linked to billing and Spaces serving as individual workspaces within the Team. Users in the Team can be Administrators, who have full access to all Spaces, or Members, who are assigned to specific Spaces. Additionally, within each Space, users can be assigned roles like Administrator, Advertiser, or Viewer, with varying levels of access and control over the Space's features and data.

Teams and Spaces

Your Cometly account structure is organized by: Teams and Spaces.

  • Team: This is your primary account, linked to billing. All users in your Cometly account are part of this team.

  • Spaces: Within a team, you can create multiple 'spaces'. Spaces are like workspaces or projects, each with its own settings and members.

User Roles in the Team

Team admins can invite new users to the team in Cometly. Once added, the admin assigns their permission level (Administrator or Member).

Users in your team can have one of two roles:

  1. Administrator: Admins have full visibility over all spaces in your Cometly account and can add themselves to any space.

  2. Member: Members are standard users who work on assigned spaces.

User Roles in Spaces

When assigning a user to a space, they can be given one of the following roles:

  1. Administrator: Manages space integrations, settings, team members, ads, and campaign manager.

  2. Advertiser: Manages ads, connects ad accounts to a space, and uses the campaign manager. Cannot connect sales channels or manage space members.

  3. Viewer: Has view-only access to data.

Specific User Capabilities

  • Profile Connections: Each user can connect their profiles from ad platforms like Meta, Google, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

  • Ad Accounts: Users with appropriate permissions can connect ad accounts to a space.

How to Add Team Members

You can add team members to your Cometly Account in two main ways:

  1. As an Administrator: They will have automatic access to every space connected to Cometly.

  2. As a Member: You need to assign their access level to each space individually.

Managing Your Cometly Team & Spaces

To enhance your understanding of managing your Cometly account, we have provided a series of instructional videos:

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