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Checkout Champ Integration Setup
Checkout Champ Integration Setup

Learn how to send purchase events from Checkout Champ to Cometly.

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Webhooks are automated messages sent from apps when something happens. They have a message—or payload—and are sent to a unique URL. In Checkout Champ, setting up a webhook can help you automate and integrate your checkout process with Cometly. The webhook will send purchase events with the order amount from Checkout Champ to Cometly.

Step 1: Access Your Checkout Champ Dashboard

Login to your Checkout Champ account.

Navigate to the CRM and click Admin > Export

Step 2: Setup Your Webhook Profile

In the Export Webhook Profiles, click the + button.

Create Export Profile

  • Profile Name: Cometly

  • Export Type: Postback

Click Create

After the Export Profile is created, click Edit on the profile.

Navigate to your Cometly account to the Checkout Champ integration and get the webhook.

  • In Cometly, navigate to Space Settings > Integrations

  • Find Checkout Champ integration, click Activate Checkout Champ

  • Copy the Checkout Champ webhook URL

Paste the Cometly webhook in the Postback URL box in the Export Webhook Profile in Checkout Champ.

Click Update to save changes.

Step 3: Add Field Mapping to your Webhook in Checkout Champ

On the right side under Field Mappings click Add Field Mapping

The Field Mapping configuration will determine what data you are sending to Cometly with the webhook. You want to include the following and ensure your export name entries are case sensitive:

  • event_name

  • first_name

  • last_name

  • email

  • amount

Configure The Fields Below:

Export Name:



Static Value: (type in purchase)


Export Name:


Field: (choose the emailAddress field)

Export Name:


Field: (choose the ipAddress field)

Export Name:


Field: (choose the firstName field)

Export Name:


Field: (choose the lastName field)

Export Name:


Field: (choose the orderTotal field)

You have successfully setup your Checkout Champ integration!

Here's an example of what your setup should look like in Checkout Champ:

If you want to install other events in your funnel, you need to be sure that you install those codes before the <body> on the specific funnel page in Checkout Champ.

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