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How To Track GoHighLevel Funnels
How To Track GoHighLevel Funnels

Learn how to track GoHighLevel funnels with Cometly.

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GoHighLevel Setup Instructions

  • The Cometly Pixel will automatically capture first name, last name, email, and phone number on all form submissions.

  • If you want to track schedule events, please use Zapier to send a Schedule event every time someone books a call from the funnel.

1. Copy the Cometly Pixel

  • Navigate to the Events Manager in your Cometly account.

    • Go to 'Space Settings' > click the blue button on the right called 'Events Manager'.

    • Click Setup Events and copy the code

2. Add the Cometly Pixel to your funnel pages

Important: Do not add the code to the funnel wide global code. The Cometly Pixel must be manually added to each page of your funnel.

  • Add the Cometly based code to the Footer of each page of your funnel.

  • To add the code:

    • Edit the funnel page, and click Settings

    • Then click Tracking Codes

  • Add the Cometly Pixel to the Footer of the page

  • Click 'Yes, Save' after you have added the code

  • Click Save in the top left to save your changes

3. Adding Events to your funnel

  • To add events such as Lead or Schedule, you need to place them on the page where you want the event to fire. This is most likely the thank you page.

  • In Cometly, toggle on the events you want to track and copy the event code:

  • On the page where you want the event to fire, copy the event code and add the event code under the Cometly Pixel like in the image below.

    • If you do not have this setup like this, your tracking will be affected.

  • If your page has a pop up for the opt-in, please place this event listener code below in the footer of the page under the Cometly tracking scripts:

    document.addEventListener("click", function (event) {
    setTimeout(() => {
    }, 500);

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