Every person that logs into Cometly has their own Cometly Profile. In order for that Cometly profile to have access to any Spaces (where you can connect Ad Accounts and Shopify stores), that Cometly profile must be connected to a Cometly "User Account".

If you are an Account Owner, or a team member with Administrative access at the User Account level, you can edit Space roles for all team members and all Spaces in the User Account.

If you grant a user Member access at the User Account level, then they will only be able to see Spaces that they have been granted access to. The level of access is determined by the following Space roles:

  • Administrator - Can manage the Space integrations, Space Settings, Space team members, and manage ads and use the campaign tracker.

  • Advertiser - Can connect ad accounts to a Space, manage ads and use the campaign tracker. Advertisers can't connect sales channels or manage Space members.

  • Viewer - Can only view data. Cannot connect integrations, edit Settings, use the campaign tracker or manage ads.

As a Space Administrator, you can edit user permissions for any other members of the Space by navigating to Space Settings > Members and clicking edit under their Space Role. You can also remove access by clicking the 🗑️ symbol next to their name and email.

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