Depending on your timezone, you will see different data in your Cometly account that doesn't "Match Up" to your ClickBank data.


Because ClickBank ONLY displays data in 'Pacific Time Zone' (UTC−07:00)

Cometly is extremely powerful in that it can track and display your data based on your timezone (where you are located).

Keep in mind, this does mean that data will display differently in Cometly than ClickBank because ClickBank only displays data in 'Pacific Time Zone' (UTC−07:00)

The only timezone where your ClickBank data will match your Cometly data is in 'Pacific Time Zone'

Here is a video explanation:

If the data inside Cometly does not match the data you see inside your Facebook ads manager it is most likely because your Facebook ads manager timezone is not the same as your Cometly timezone.

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