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✏️ Cometly 101: Creating a tracking plan
✏️ Cometly 101: Creating a tracking plan

How to plan and create a tracking plan to organize your events.

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Cometly recommends creating a tracking plan based on the key business goals identifies from your marketing strategy.

Your tracking plan should:

  1. Be a centralized document your entire team has access to.

  2. Define marketing goals based on what 'Events' you are looking to track.

  3. Clearly define what your event names are internally and what event name you will track them by in Cometly.

  4. Read and understand Cometly 101: How to set it up so you can plan out exactly how you will set up each specific event in Cometly.

  5. Ensure your entire team is on the same page about what each event name is and how it will be tracked inside your Cometly account.

Creating your tracking plan

(To edit click 'File' > 'Make a copy')

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