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Setting up Cometly Pixel on Wordpress sites
Setting up Cometly Pixel on Wordpress sites

Learn how to setup the Cometly pixel on wordpress sites and ensure the pixel is loading and capturing information from forms correctly.

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Setting Up The Cometly Pixel On Wordpress Sites

After installing the Cometly Pixel base code in the <head> of your wordpress site, you need to ensure the following:

  1. You have cleared the cache

  2. You reconfigure plugins that cause javascript to get deferred or lazy loading

The most common plugin customers use is WP Rocket which we have included instructions below for how to configure to ensure there are no pixel issues.

To test to ensure the pixel is loading properly on your site, please visit our article on How to validate automatic form capture using the Cometly base pixel for a step-by-step video tutorial with instructions included.

Configuring Settings In WP Rocket

If you use WP Rocket, please follow the instructions below

If you use WP Rocket, you need to navigate to your WP Rocket settings to ensure you have unchecked specific settings.
In your WP Rocket settings, please navigate to FILE OPTIMIZATION

Scroll down to JavaScript Files and ensure that the following check boxes are UNCHECKED. Do not check these checkboxes or it will cause the Cometly pixel not to load properly:

  • Combine Javascript files

  • Load Javascript deferred

  • Delay Javascript execution

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