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ThriveCart Integration Setup
ThriveCart Integration Setup

Learn how to setup ThriveCart to send events to Cometly.

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Step 1: Setup Cometly webhook URL in ThriveCart

Setup the Cometly webhook URL to send new orders from ThriveCart checkout to Cometly.

Navigate to Space Settings > Integrations inside your Cometly account and click the ThriveCart integration.

Copy the Cometly webhook URL

Navigate to the Settings in your ThriveCart account and click API & webhooks

Click View settings in the Webhooks & notifications section

Configure your Webhook URL in ThriveCart

  • Name the webhook 'Cometly'

  • In the Webhook URL box, paste the Cometly Webhook URL

  • Click the checkbox Receive results as JSON

    • (this has to be checked or it will not send)

  • Click Save this webhook

Step 2: Setup the Cometly base code pixel on your ThriveCart funnel pages

Copy your Cometly base code pixel from the Getting Started section in your Cometly space and prepare to add to ThriveCart pages.

Important: The Cometly base code pixel has to be installed on every product and upsell in ThriveCart.

On your product, click Checkout and then click Tracking </>

Scroll down on the page and configure the following steps:

  1. Add the Cometly base code pixel to the All pages: Paste tracking code to add to all of this product's pages

  2. Add the initiate checkout event to the Checkout page: Paste tracking code to add only on your checkout page

  3. Ensure that the checkbox is unchecked at the bottom of the screenshot where it says "Only run this code the first time the customer gets to the success page"

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