How To Track Zoho Forms

Learn how to track Zoho forms with Cometly.

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Important: You need to use a Comet Events space type in order to use the Zoho integration. You may need to create a new space outlined in the instructions below.

1. Navigate to the Events Manager in your Cometly account

Install the Cometly Pixel Code before the </head> tag on every page of your funnel

  • Navigate to the funnel settings

  • Enter the Cometly Pixel Code in the <head> tag area

  • If you want to track multiple events in your funnel, you can install the events throughout before the </body> tag on the page load where you want the event to fire.

  • Do not install an event for your Zoho form opt-in, you will set that up in the next steps using a webhook.

2. Add the Cometly Webhook URL to Zoho

In this step you are going to retrieve the Zoho webhook from within your Cometly account and add to your form settings in Zoho to send the form opt-in information directly to Cometly as an event of your choice.

  • Navigate to the Integrations page in Space Settings and choose Zoho Forms as your integration:

  • Click Activate Zoho Forms

  • Copy the webhook URL

  • Login to your Zoho forms account, find the form you want to track, and select settings for that form

  • Click Integrations and then click Webhooks

  • See the example setup and configure the webhook with the following steps

    Webhook Status: set to Enable

    Webhook URL: paste the Cometly Zoho Forms webhook into this field

    Content Type: choose application/json

    Payload Parameters:

    • Only choose the following parameters

      • IP Address

      • Email

      • Name - First Name

      • Name - Last Name

      • Phone (optional)

    • On the left column, ensure you enter the forms exactly as they appear in the table below. Text is case sensitive, ensure it is exactly as it appears for your webhook:


IP Address




Name - First Name


Name - Last Name



URL Parameters:

  • You can choose from the event list below and choose what event you would like to send to Cometly. Only choose one event:

    • lead_generated

    • view_content

    • schedule

    • purchase

    • subscribe

    • add_to_cart

    • contact

    • initiate_checkout

    • add_payment_info

    • complete_registration

    • start_trial

    • sign_up

    • submit_application

    • webinar_registration

  • Enter event_name on the left and the event you would like to send on the right

    (example below)

  • Scroll down to the bottom and click Save

You have successfully setup your Zoho forms to send events to Cometly. If you have any questions, please contact Cometly support.

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