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How To Setup Stripe To Track Purchases
How To Setup Stripe To Track Purchases
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Important: Please note that we must have the lead opt-in a form earlier in the funnel in order for this Zapier Stripe integration to work properly. If we do not have an email earlier in the funnel, this will not work. We automatically capture leads from forms on your site when the Cometly base code is installed.

1. Navigate to the Events Manager in your Cometly account

Install the Cometly base code before the </head> tag on every page of your funnel

  • Important: Make sure you do not have the purchase code installed in your funnel. All of your purchases will be sent through Zapier from Stripe to Cometly.

  • If you would like to setup the add to cart and initiate checkout event, you can install those codes where necessary in your funnel.

2. Create a new Zap and choose Stripe as your Trigger.

  • Choose 'New Payment' as your Event for Stripe

  • For your first action, please select filter. We will use the filter to only send successful payments to Cometly.

  • For the Filter setup & testing section, configure the filter so it will only continue if the status (text) exactly matches succeeded

  • Click Continue & test and proceed to the next step.

3. Choose Cometly as an action and configure the Zap to track orders in Cometly

Follow the steps below to configure the action.

You must include the following fields: Event Time, Email, Amount, and Event.

  • Event: select 'purchase' (required)

  • Event Time: write in 'now' (required)

  • Email: choose the email from Stripe trigger (required)

  • Full Name: choose the full name from Stripe trigger (recommended)

  • Amount: choose the amount from Stripe trigger (recommended)

4. Publish the Zap

If you need any help, please contact Cometly support at

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