This video below will walk you through the exact setup you need to use for any Dynamic Ads that you are running to deep links from your catalogue feed.

There are a wide range of Dynamic Ads to choose from when editing an ad inside of Facebook. For the most part they still use the normal Website URL section. What you need to look for on Dynamic ads is in the Destination section for the the subsections titled 'Deep link to website' and 'Deep link destination'.

If you can see these two sections, it most likely means your dynamic ads are pulling the destination URL from the catalogue feed that you have selected (the actual catalogue feed is available in the Meta Commerce Manager).

When your Shopify Products are automatically synced with FB, the website URLs are updated inside FB to include UTM codes in utm_source and utm_content. You cannot edit the UTMs inside of the Commerce Manager, so when you are setting up the dynamic ad, you need to use the 'URL Parameters' box in the Tracking section at the bottom of the ad.

Click the blue 'Build a URL Parameter', and choose {{}} for any UTM option except for Campaign Source and Campaign content. Specifically, you can use Campaign Name, Campaign Medium, or click 'Add Parameter' and type "utm_term" in the box for "Parameter name" and {{}} for the box for "Value".

Finally you can publish the ad, and you will be tracking with Cometly!

For any remaining ads that do not use dynamic creative, return to the main article How to ensure your UTMs are set up perfectly.

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