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Sending Upsell Purchases to Cometly using Zapier
Sending Upsell Purchases to Cometly using Zapier

Learn how to send upsell purchases to Cometly using Zapier.

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This article will show you how to send purchases as upsells when using Zapier to send events. All of our Cometly direct integrations that send purchase events are configured to automatically handle upsell purchases. This setup should only be configured if you are using Zapier to send purchase events and you need a way to indicate that a purchase is an upsell.


  • This setup involves two distinct Zaps (automated workflows). The first Zap is exclusively dedicated to handling initial purchases. For this Zap, you'll need to implement a filter to ensure that upsell transactions are excluded, as they will be processed separately. The second, separate Zap is specifically designed for managing upsell transactions. By setting up these two Zaps, you ensure that initial purchases and upsells are handled through their respective, specialized workflows.

Available Upsell Metrics In Cometly

  • Upsell Purchase - refers to the count of transactions where a customer buys a more expensive or upgraded version of a product or service, or adds additional items to their purchase. This metric specifically tracks the number of such transactions that qualify as upsells, distinguishing them from regular sales.

  • Upsell Revenue - is a subset of your total sales revenue. It specifically accounts for the revenue generated from upsells in your funnel, or when they add extra items to their purchase. Gross Revenue is the total revenue generated. It encompasses all sources of income from sales, including both regular sales and upsell sales. Therefore, Upsell Revenue is automatically included in the Gross Revenue. When you calculate your Gross Revenue, you're aggregating all income from sales, and this naturally includes the additional revenue gained from upsells. In other words, Upsell Revenue is a component that contributes to the overall Gross Revenue figure.

  • Cost Per Upsell - a metric that calculates the average advertising expenditure required to generate one upsell purchase. It is determined by dividing the total amount spent on ads by the number of upsell purchases achieved.

How to indicate a purchase is an upsell using Zapier

Please watch the video below that will show you step-by-step how to configure a zap to send purchase events to Cometly and indicate the purchase as an upsell.

Zap Configuration

  • Trigger: Use a payment gateway, checkout platform, or any other payment provider.

  • Action: Choose Zapier's Filter action so you can only let purchases continue that are considered upsells. Most triggering events will provide you with a field you can use in your filter to indicate it's an upsell purchase or transaction.

  • Action: Choose Cometly to send the purchase event

    • Configure the following fields:

      • Event Name: Purchase

      • First Name

      • Last Name

      • Email

      • Amount

      • Upsell

    • For the Upsell field in the Cometly action, please write the word true to indicate it is an upsell:

    • Use the Events Log in Cometly to see the test server events coming into Cometly. It may take up to 2 minutes to see the data in the Events Log after your test.

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