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Nimbata Integration Setup
Nimbata Integration Setup

Learn how to setup call tracking with the Nimbata integration.

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Using the Cometly Nimbata call tracking integration will enable you to send Contact events to Cometly every time there is a tracked phone call. Please follow the setup instructions below to activate your Nimbata integration.

All calls will be sent as a Contact event to Cometly from Nimbata.

Step 1: Activate Cometly Nimbata webhook

Click Space Settings > Integrations and choose Nimbata integration

Click Activate Nimbata

Copy the Nimbata webhook

Step 2: Configure Nimbata

On the left panel, click Integrations

Select Cometly

Choose Triggers On: After Every Call

Paste the webhook

Calls will automatically track and send over to Cometly as a Contact event.

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