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Setting Up Tracking For Cvent
Setting Up Tracking For Cvent

Learn how to setup Cvent to send Complete Registration events to Cometly.

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Cvent Event Tracking Setup Instructions

Upon completion of the Cvent installation below, the Cometly Cvent webhook will automatically send a Complete Registration Cometly Event to Cvent with all of the registrant information.

1. Install Comet Pixel on all pages of your event funnel in Cvent

  • Use the Cvent help article for how to add code snippets to your Cvent pages

  • Ensure you do not add any Cometly Events in your funnel. The webhook installation below will automatically send a Complete Registration event.

  • Navigate to Events Manager inside your Cometly account

  • Click Setup Events and copy the code

2. Configure the Cometly webhook in Cvent

  • Login to your Cometly account and click Space Setting

  • Find the Cvent integration

  • Click Activate Cvent

  • Copy the Webhook and the API key

  • In Cvent, navigate to Integrations in the admin panel, and click Push API Integrations

  • Click Create Integration

  • Follow the steps below for the webhook configuration:

    • Name your Integration whatever you wish

    • Choose webhook as the type

    • Paste your Cometly Cvent Webhook URL

    • Paste your API Token

  • Click Save in the top right of the page

  • After you see successfully saved text, click Integration Points

  • Click Add Integration Point

  • Select Invitee Added to Invitation List and click Save

  • Your Cvent integration is now configured! Cometly will now receive Complete Registration events from Cvent!

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