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Cvent Integration Setup
Cvent Integration Setup

Learn how to setup Cvent to send Complete Registration events to Cometly.

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Upon completion of the Cvent installation below, the Cometly Cvent webhook will automatically send a Complete Registration Cometly Event to Cvent with all of the registrant information.

Step 1: Install Comet Pixel on all pages of your event funnel in Cvent

  • Use the Cvent help article for how to add code snippets to your Cvent pages

  • Ensure you do not add any Cometly Events in your funnel. The webhook installation below will automatically send a Complete Registration event.

  • Add Cometly base code pixel to the </> HEADER CODE section:

  • Login to your Cometly account, and click 'Getting Started' on the left and then Copy the code under "Step 1"

Step 2: Configure the Cometly webhook in Cvent

Login to your Cometly account and click Space Setting

Find the Cvent integration

Click Activate Cvent

Copy the Webhook and the API key

In Cvent, navigate to Integrations in the admin panel, and click Push API Integrations

Click Create Integration

Follow the steps below for the webhook configuration:

  • Name your Integration whatever you wish

  • Choose webhook as the type

  • Paste your Cometly Cvent Webhook URL

  • Paste your API Token

Click Save in the top right of the page

After you see successfully saved text, click Integration Points

Click Add Integration Point

Select Invitee Added to Invitation List and click Save

Your Cvent integration is now configured! Cometly will now receive Complete Registration events from Cvent!

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