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Kajabi Integration Setup
Kajabi Integration Setup

Learn how to setup tracking for your Kajabi offer purchases.

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Step 1: Install Comet Pixel on your Kajabi site and checkout

Login to your Cometly account, and click 'Setup' on the left and then Copy the code under "Step 1"

Copy the Cometly base code pixel

Login to your Kajabi account and visit the Settings page, click Site Details

Scroll down the Site Details page and paste the main Cometly Pixel Code into the Header Page Scripts box

After pasting the code, scroll to the bottom and click Save

Navigate back to Settings and click Checkout Settings

Scroll to the bottom and find the Checkout Tracking Code section. Enter your Cometly Pixel Code again into the Header tracking code box, click Save

Step 2: Configure the Cometly purchase webhook in Kajabi

Login to your Cometly account and click Space Setting

Find the Kajabi integration

Click Activate Kajabi

Copy the webhook

In Kajabi, visit the Checkout Settings page again, and paste the Cometly Purchase Webhook into the purchase webhook box, click Save

Navigate to the Products tab in Kajabi and click into your product. Then click the offers tab within the product.

Find the offer titles and amounts exactly as they appear in Kajabi. The title needs to be added case sensitive.

Add the offer titles and amounts exactly as they appear in Kajabi. The title needs to be added case sensitive.

(Optional) Step 3: Install other specific events in your funnel

If you have other sites or landing page softwares that you use for your funnel, ensure that they have the main Cometly Pixel Code before the </head> tag of those pages. You must ensure that every page of your funnel has the Cometly Pixel Code before the </head> tag.

Important: The Cometly Pixel Code will automatically track forms in your funnel and capture name, email, and phone number. You must ensure that you have an event on the thank you page or next page in your funnel to fire the event & capture information.

Do not install the purchase event since you are using the webhook.

You can setup any specific event (lead, registration, etc.) in your funnel by adding the event before the </body> tag on the page you want the event to fire OR by sending any event via Zapier / Cometly API.

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