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How To Setup Calendly Integration
How To Setup Calendly Integration

Learn how to send scheduled events from Calendly to Cometly.

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Calendly Setup Instructions

1. Install Comet Pixel in your funnel

  • Navigate to the Events Manager in your Cometly account.

    • Go to 'Space Settings' > click the blue button on the right called 'Events Manager'.

  • Install the Cometly Pixel Code before the </head> tag on every page of your funnel.

  • For Cometly to accurately track, the Calendly scheduling form must be embedded on the web page.

Important: Do not install the Schedule event on the thank you page of the funnel. The following setup will automatically send the Schedule event every time there is a completed meeting booking.

2. Activate Calendly in Cometly

3. Configure Calendly event type

  • Inside Calendly, navigate to the event type that is embedded on the landing page in your funnel.

  • Click on the Confirmation Page

  • Click Redirect to an external site

Important: The confirmation page must redirect to an external site. The schedule event will only fire if you have the confirmation redirecting to an external site.

  • Enter in your thank you page that you want the prospect to redirect to after successfully booking a meeting.

  • Ensure you have the checkbox checked for 'Pass event details to your redirected page'.

  • Click Save & Close

4. Setup UTM parameters on your ads

Click the button below for instructions on setting up UTM parameters on your ads.

5. Import your existing ad campaigns into Cometly

The Import Campaigns page is a tool that allows Cometly to track existing campaigns that were created before you had Cometly. Cometly cannot track retroactively, so all metrics will be tracked starting at the moment that you turn tracking “ON”.

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