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ClickFunnels Integration Setup
ClickFunnels Integration Setup

Learn how to setup the ClickFunnels integration to automatically send purchase events to Cometly.

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The ClickFunnels integration will automatically send purchases to Cometly. If you have upsells in your funnel, they will be automatically added to the original purchase value so it will show as one purchase in Cometly and sent to the ad platforms via the Conversion API as one purchase. You will be able to see the Upsell in the customer journey.

The Cometly base code pixel will automatically capture the email address, first name, last name, and phone number.

Step 1: Install Comet base code pixel in your funnel

Install the Cometly base code pixel on every page of your funnel inside the <head> tags.

To implement the Cometly base code for ClickFunnels funnels, simply install it within the <head> tag in the funnel's settings. This action will automatically apply the code across all pages within the funnel.

  • Navigate to the funnel settings

  • Enter the Cometly base code in the <head> tag area

Step 2: Setup other browser events

If you would like to setup the lead, add to cart, and/or initiate checkout event, you can install those codes where necessary in your funnel.

Important: Make sure you do not have the purchase code installed in your funnel. All of your purchases will be sent through ClickFunnels API to Cometly.

If you want to install other events in your funnel, you need to be sure that you install those codes in the </> FOOTER CODE on the specific funnel step in ClickFunnels.

Please see the example below:

Step 3: Add the Cometly Webhook URL to ClickFunnels

In this step you are going to retrieve the Clickfunnels Postback URL from within your Cometly account and add to your ClickFunnels funnel.

In Cometly, navigate to the Integrations page and choose ClickFunnels as your integration.

Click Activate ClickFunnels

Copy the Postback URL

Login to your ClickFunnels account and and navigate to the funnel settings

Scroll down on the Settings page to the Webhooks section and click Manage Your Funnel Webhooks

Click + New Webhook

Copy the Webhook URL from your Cometly account to the URL input box:

  • In the Event box, choose purchase_created and purchase_updated.

  • Selection json for the Adaptor

  • Click Create Funnel Webhoook

You are now successfully integrated with ClickFunnels and all purchases will be send directly to Cometly as a purchase event.

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