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Ecommerce Events: Step 3 - Configure your Domains
Ecommerce Events: Step 3 - Configure your Domains

Verify your domain for your Ecommerce Events tracking set up.

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Add your Domain in the Domain Manager

  1. While logged into Cometly, first navigate to the Domain Verification page in your Workspace for Comet Events (for custom websites and funnels)

  2. Click the blue "+Add New" button on this page to verify a domain.

  3. In the popup, add your domain into the "Your Domain" text box

    1. You can verify a root domain (, or a subdomain ( or subpage ( Do not add prefixes (http://or https://) at the beginning.

    2. Once you have your domain typed into that box correctly, you can click the blue "Add" button

Add the Domain Verification code to your Website

  1. Add the Comet Pixel to your website or funnel by copying and pasting the provided code into the <head> section of your website's home page HTML code

  2. After you've published the home page, confirm that the meta-tag is visible by visiting your website and viewing the HTML source.

  3. Click the blue "Verify Domain" button.

    1. Note: It may take up to 72 hours for Cometly to find the meta-tag code. If the domain status is still not verified, you'll need to click Verify domain again or confirm the meta-tag is listed in the scrape results in the Sharing Debugger Tool in Facebook.

Your domain is now verified! You can navigate back to the Getting Started page and mark Step 3 as "complete".

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