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How to setup tracking on TikTok for ClickBank
How to setup tracking on TikTok for ClickBank

How to setup TikTok Ads with ClickBank for Cometly.

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ClickBank TikTok Tracking Setup Instructions

Setting up your UTM parameters correctly is ESSENTIAL for accurate attribution with Cometly. If any of your ads are not set up correctly then Cometly will not be able to track a portion of your sales (i.e. Cometly will not track any purchases from an ad if it does not have the correct UTM set up). If you follow the instructions below, your UTM setup will be perfect for tracking your TikTok ads with Cometly.

Cometly needs the following UTM parameter code attached to the end of every Website URL in the 'Website URL' section of each of your TikTok ads:


To set this up inside the TikTok Ads manager, navigate to the ad level and select an ad that you want to track with Cometly. There should be a section titled "Destination page" with a box for "Website URL".

Simply "copy" the above code (include the "?") and "paste" the code at the end of your Website URL in that section.

Now you can go ahead and publish your ad. As long as you use this setup process on EVERY ad, your tracking and attribution with Cometly for TikTok ads will be PERFECT.

Please reach out to support with any questions about setting up the UTM parameters on your TikTok Ads.

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