Install the Cometly pixel

Learn how to install the Cometly Pixel (base code) and learn how the Cometly pixel works.

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Learn about the Cometly pixel (base code)

The Cometly Pixel is a small piece of code that gives you a clearer insight into your website visitors. It tracks the pages they visit and automatically updates their profile when they submit forms. Be sure to place the pixel on every page of your website, right before the </head> tag ends. And remember, it’s crucial to include it on every step of your customer's journey, whether that's within your sales funnels or across multiple domains.

What’s more, the Cometly Pixel is intuitive—it doesn't just recognize users across different devices, it also knows when the same person returns to your site. This means you'll always know when someone comes back, giving you a full view of each visitor's interaction with your site over time.

The Cometly base pixel will automatically updates the visitors profile when a form is filled out. You will automatically see the first name, last name, (or full name), email, and phone number inside Cometly if the visitor came from an ad.

Each space in Cometly has a unique Cometly Pixel. You need to ensure you have the correct Cometly pixel if you are using multiple spaces in your account.

Install the Cometly Pixel Code on your website

Important: If you are setting up a Shopify store, ClickBank, BuyGoods, or Maxweb, please visit their specific help setup article as they have a different setup and different Cometly pixel installation. Please visit the Integration in your Cometly account for step by step setup instructions.

Install the Cometly pixel code on every page of your website, right before the </head> tag ends. This code sends site visits back to Cometly so you can measure customer actions and customer journeys.

In the Getting Started steps, you can retrieve your Cometly Pixel (base code):

You can also locate the code in the Events Manager by clicking the Setup Events:

Ensuring that the Cometly base pixel is capturing data correctly when forms are filled out on your site is crucial. This automatic process updates visitor profiles with key details such as first name, last name (or full name), email, and phone number—given that the visitor has arrived via an ad.

If you are using Meta lead forms, please see this article for how to setup automatic lead form tracking with Cometly.

On the next step, you will learn how to setup event tracking for your funnel and the two methods of available to track events.

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