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Shopify: Step 1 - Connect your integrations
Shopify: Step 1 - Connect your integrations

First step for setting up a Shopify Workspace in Cometly

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To set up a Shopify workspace in Cometly, the first step is to simply connect your Ad Channel integrations and your Shopify store integrations. The video above explains exactly how to do this step by step. The instructions are also listed as Step 1 on the Getting Started page for any Shopify Workspace in Cometly.

A) Connect to ad channels

To connect your integrations, simply navigate to the Space Settings page to view all your connected integrations. To connect to your ad channels, click the "Manage Connections" link to go to the profile integrations page. From this page you can connect to your different ad channels by clicking the blue "connect" button next to the Ad Channel that you need to connect. You will be redirected to the ad channel platform where you will just need to click "Accept" before being redirected back into Cometly.

B) Connect your ad accounts to the Workspace

Once your Ad Channels have been connected, navigate back to the Space Settings Page

and click the green "Connect" button next to the ad account that you want to connect to the workspace for this specific Shopify store.

C) Connect your Shopify store to the Workspace

To connect your Shopify store to the space, add in the website URL for your Shopify store and click the "connect" button. You will be redirected to the Shopify store where you will be prompted to Install the Cometly app. Once that is complete, you will be redirected back to Cometly where you will see that the Shopify store is now "connected"

Your integrations are now connected! You can navigate back to the Getting Started page, mark Step 1 as "Complete", and move on to:

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