How to setup tracking on your Google Ads

How to setup your Google Ads so that Cometly can track perfectly!

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Setting up your UTM parameters correctly is ESSENTIAL for accurate attribution with Cometly. If any of your ads are not set up correctly then Cometly will not be able to track a portion of your sales (i.e. Cometly will not track any purchases from an ad if it does not have the correct UTM set up). If you follow the instructions below, your UTM setup will be perfect for tracking your Google ads with Cometly.

Cometly needs the following UTM parameter code attached to the end of every Website URL in the 'Tracking Template' section of each of your Google ads:


To set these up inside the Google Ads manager, navigate to Settings > Campaign Settings and select the campaigns that you want to track with Cometly. Then click Edit > Change tracking templates.

Then you should see a box labeled New tracking template and this is where you will need to place the UTM parameters listed above.

Once those parameters have been pasted, you can click "Apply" to apply those changes.

Please reach out to support with any questions. Happy tracking!

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