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How do I change my currency in Cometly?
How do I change my currency in Cometly?
Updated over a week ago

You can change the Currency inside of your User account at any point by navigating to the bottom left of the app, and click on your profile area. Then in click the “Account Settings” tab in the panel that pops up.

Once you are on this page you can adjust your account’s currency at any time by clicking the dropdown next to “Account Currency” and selecting the currency of your choosing. After you select the proper currency, click the blue “Save” button underneath the currency section.

**Pease Note: You cannot change the currency of a Space once a Space has been created. If you need to change the currency of an individual Space then you need to delete the Space in question, and onboard your store from scratch and select the proper currency when creating your Space.

For more on this, check out our article for How to create multiple Spaces

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