The video below explains exactly how to set up tracking for multiple stores inside Cometly:

For more information on how to set up Conversion API data sharing, check out this video.

In order to track the sales coming from your FB ads, you will need to set up Cometly's approved UTM parameters on all of your FB ads. To see how to set up the UTM parameters on your FB ads, check out this video.

In order to track any existing ads in the ad account that you connect, you will need to use the Campaign Tracker to toggle tracking ON for any existing campaigns. To see how to use the campaign tracker, check out this video.

Please note that in order to create a new space, you must have Administrative Access at the User Account level.

  • To find out more about User Account Roles, click here

Please also note that you will only be able to connect integrations to a space if you have "Advertiser" permission or higher on that space.

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