Cometly offers users 2 different attribution options to choose from. These options are First Click - 28 day window and Last Click - 28 day window. You can find these options on the β€œIntegrations” page inside of your account.

We recommend Last Click - 28 day window for your Cometly attribution model, as last click is typically considered to be industry best practices for eCommerce businesses.

If a user clicks on three different ads that you are running before making a purchase, First Click will attribute the sale to the first ad that the customer clicked on, Last Click will attribute the sale to the third (most recent) ad that they clicked on.

If you switch the attribution model of your Cometly account, all of the data inside of your account will dynamically update and you will see that the number of sales attributed to each ad will change. If you switch your attribution model and see no change in the attribution in your account, this just means that your customers are only clicking one ad before buying your products.

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