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Why is my "Gross Revenue" in Cometly slightly less than my revenue in Shopify
Why is my "Gross Revenue" in Cometly slightly less than my revenue in Shopify
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You may be looking at your Cometly account and noticing that the “Gross Revenue” in Cometly is different from the “Gross Revenue” in your Shopify dashboard and wondering how that is possible. Well, we have an explanation for that!

Your Cometly account will not report every sale on your Shopify store, rather Cometly only reports sales from customers who have CLICKED on one of your Facebook or Instagram ads within our 28 day attribution model. So the “Gross Revenue” you see in your account is really more of an “allocated revenue” from your Facebook and Instagram ads.

Cometly will not track/report your organic sales, or sales that were driven by other sales channels. This means that we also do not track social organic sales. What is a social organic sale? Social organic traffic comes from activity such as a customer finding your Instagram page and clicking on the link in your bio. Another example of social organic purchases is, if a person who sees your ad shares your ad with their friend, and that friend clicks the link and makes a purchase on your site.

Technically for social organic sales, you are not paying for those users to find your store or click on your website link. So realistically, you do not want those sales to be reported back to an ad.

Cometly will only report sales that come from traffic that you paid to drive to your store via a Facebook or Instagram ad.

Does this description still not answer your question? Then your Cometly account is probably in a different currency than your Shopify store.

When you created your Cometly account you were prompted to choose a currency for your Cometly account. Your Cometly account will automatically convert all data (from both Shopify and Facebook) into the currency that you chose when creating your account.

So, if your Cometly account and your Shopify store are in different currencies, then it is because your reported revenue from Shopify is automatically being converted into the currency of your Cometly account.

For example, if your Cometly account is in USD but your Shopify store is in Euro, then your daily revenue in Cometly will be automatically converted from Euro to USD.

We hope this explanation helps! If you have any questions please reach out to

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