In the video below we walk you through how you can fire a test purchase through your own ad that will show up inside your Cometly account if your settings are configured correctly:

Step 1: Be sure that you have Cometly tracking setup properly. Click Here for our instructions for setting up your account.

Step 2: Select an individual ad in your ads manager that you wish to test

Step 3: Click the “Preview” button in your ads manager

Step 4: In the preview window that pops up click the “Share” drop down, and select one of the options for “View on Facebook”

Doing this will open up your news feed in a new tab. Scroll down to the 2nd post on your news feed and you will see your ad shown.

Step 5: Click the Call to Action on your ad.

This will take you to your landing page in a new tab.

Step 6: Purchase a product in your store!

After making the purchase, please allow 20-25 minutes for your sale to appear. No matter which product you purchase, the sale will show up on the ad that you just tested ◡̈

If you have any questions please contact:

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